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What Is Employee Experience? Everything You Need to Know!

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As a manager, it can be difficult to cope with high employee turnover. Labor shortages and the competitive job market are turning recruitment into a competition.

According to a study conducted by Gallup, a disengaged and unmotivated employee can cost up to 18% of that employee’s annual salary. In the same vein, according to the bdc, replacing an employee could cost up to 200% of the annual salary of the person who leaves their job. As a result, an employee who is demotivated from their business is at a greater risk of resigning and thereby incurring considerable costs for your organization.

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How do you stand out as an employer to retain your talent? Creating an optimized employee experience is what will make a difference in your organization. Be sure to give your staff the employee experience they deserve!

But what is employee experience? Well, a good employee experience will motivate your staff to put their best foot forward for your business. By providing a good employee experience, your teams will be happy to work for your organization, which can greatly increase your employee retention and improve your customer experience. This is a must for the success of your company!

Want to know more about what employee experience is and how to optimize it? This article will teach you the many benefits of a motivated team and thirteen relevant tips to create a successful employee experience!

What is employee experience?

Definition of employee experience

What is employee experience? It is defined as the perceptions and emotions that an employee experiences towards the organization for which they work. These feelings are the result of all the interactions an employer has with their employees. For example, an employee’s experience may be impacted by:

  • Your recruitment process;
  • Your employee’s introduction to co-workers (onboarding);
  • Your employee evaluation processes;
  • Your organizational culture;
  • The relationship your employees have with their co-workers;
  • Its relationship with its manager;
  • The working conditions;
  • Consistency between the employer brand and the company experience;
  • Motivation to complete the given workload;
  • Commitment to your business.


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In order to create an optimal employee experience within your company, it is important that your staff feel considered, listened to, and involved. A team committed and motivated to its work will have a considerable positive impact on the quality of your services, but also on your employee loyalty and recruitment. This is what a good employee experience is!

Connect with your staff to better understand their expectations for the employee experience available within your company. A trusting relationship based on mutual listening will allow you to create a unique employee experience that will satisfy your team. This is what employee experience means!

What are employee and customer experiences? Two very related topics

Did you know that employee and customer experiences are closely linked? Indeed, a motivated team through its work will be much more productive and will provide a quality service to your customers. An efficient and professional customer experience offered by a friendly staff will have a positive impact on your customer satisfaction. Your consumers will feel pampered and will soon recommend your services to those around them!

Beyond your offer of service, an engaged employee can also become an ambassador for your company. They will want to spread a positive image of your organization and praise your qualities as an employer. They could even go to a site like Glassdoor to encourage talent to apply to you. This is what a good employee experience can bring you!

On the contrary, a strained relationship with your staff results in a problematic customer experience. A demotivated employee will be much less effective: according to Harvard Business Review, they will be 37% more absent than a committed employee, in addition to making 60% more mistakes. This will create poor cohesion within your team and hurt your service offering. Ultimately, this could even completely dissuade a customer from returning to your business as a result of a bad customer experience.

Be proactive: improve employee satisfaction at work to provide your customers with the experience they deserve!

The benefits of providing a good employee experience

The quality of the employee experience is a key factor in the success of your business. A team satisfied with its working conditions will give the best of itself to accomplish the tasks entrusted to it. In this sense, you will be able to take full advantage of its know-how and its integrity to provide your customers with a high-quality service. This is what an excellent employee experience is all about!

You don’t know what employee experience is, or what it can bring you? To better inform you, here are five ways in which the motivation of your staff positively impacts your company.

1. Increase your existing employee loyalty

It is well known that an employee who is satisfied with their working conditions will invest much more in the success of your company. It is therefore important to ensure the well-being of your staff, especially during this period of labor shortage.

According to a study conducted by Gallup, only 13% of employees are committed to their jobs and related tasks. Yet Forbes attests that a loyal employee is 83% less likely to leave their current job.

Follow our best practices to learn more about what employee experience is in order to optimize it. Check-in regularly with your team and reward them for their hard work. For example, celebrate their successes with a rewards program. Why not add a coffee machine or free snacks to their office to make their work more enjoyable? By putting these little attentions in place, your staff will know that their well-being is at the center of your priorities. This is what a good employee experience can bring to your company!

2. Simpler recruitment

Of course, an optimized employee experience will increase your employee loyalty rate. However, did you know that the motivation of your staff also impacts your recruitment?

motivated and engaged employee will want to promote the company they work for. In this sense, they will compliment your qualities as an employer and praise their working conditions. This is an essential asset when recruiting.

In the competitive job market, spreading a good employee experience can make all the difference and convince potential candidates to do business with you!

A company with a good reputation and a pleasant organizational culture will attract more talent. On the contrary, a company known for its stressful working conditions and lack of recognition will repel any prospect.

Stand out from your competitors: create a memorable employee experience to encourage talent to apply to your company!

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3. Higher productivity

Contrary to popular belief, an employee’s effectiveness is not limited to their knowledge or field of expertise. It is also closely linked to work motivation.

According to People Managing Peoplea team that is committed to its work is 17% more productive than a staff that is unmotivated about the work it is asked to do.

A motivated employee will perform the required tasks to the best of their ability, as well as be creative in resolving issues. Their good humor and their proactivity will benefit the rest of your team: the members of your staff will be much more cohesive and will be animated by positive energy that will be reflected in their customer service.

Quality employee experience translates into more productive staff. An efficient service provided by a motivated team will positively impact your customer experience and improve your annual revenue. Keep this in mind as you implement strategies to improve employee satisfaction!

4. A better reputation

As mentioned above, the employee experience has a significant impact on the customer experience. In addition, it has a considerable influence on your company’s reputation.

Impeccable customer service from a warm and professional staff is a golden opportunity to ask your customers for a Google review. This feedback from satisfied customers will increase your visibility on search engines and optimize your local SEO. It’s also a great way to generate positive word of mouth that will attract new customers and talent to your business.

Don’t forget to optimize your employee experience to motivate your staff. This will help you build a great reputation that will improve your customer acquisition!

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5. Optimized customer satisfaction

According to the Future of Work study, a company with a committed team offers customer service 147% higher than that of its competitors. With this in mind, optimizing your employee experience is essential to better satisfy your customers.

An employee who has a good relationship with their manager and colleagues will be more efficient and responsive to your clients’ needs. They will be ready to offer fully personalized service as well as give the best of themselves to ensure your customer’s satisfaction. These little attentions provided by a warm and smiling staff will have a positive impact on your customer satisfaction. Indeed, your customers will feel prioritized and will soon return to your company.

A motivated team will show up through quality customer service. Keep that in mind as you improve your employee experience!

How to improve the employee experience?

A few steps and tips to improve the employee experience

Now that you know the importance of the employee experience, it’s time to put in place concrete strategies to maximize the engagement of your teams. However, improving the motivation of your staff can be complex, especially for those who know less about the subject.

How can you optimize your employee journey? What measures can you put in place to ensure the well-being of your staff? Here are thirteen easy steps and tips to help you improve your employee experience.

1. Set up a diversity program

It is important that your human resources consider the issues related to diversity within companies. Discrimination and lack of entertainment are two issues with many negative consequences.

There are several factors that characterize diversity:

  • The age;
  • The gender;
  • The ethnic origin;
  • The language;
  • Functional limitations and physical/intellectual disabilities;
  • Religion/beliefs;
  • The values;
  • The level of education;
  • Professional experience;
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Gender diversity;
  • And more!

Implementing a diversity program is good for your business for many reasons. For example, when it comes to employee experience, a diversity program ensures more equality and respect among your teams.

At the level of your company, having a diverse staff will allow you to build a rich and unique team, since you will have employees who come from all over the world and who speak several languages, for example. In addition, recruiting older people will allow you to benefit from valuable expertise in your field of activity. So it’s very important that you don’t discriminate on the basis of age in your hiring processes.

Open up to the world by implementing a diversity program to maximize your employee experience!

2. Ask your employees for feedback

Your employees are primarily human. In that sense, each of them has different goals, values, and needs. That’s why it’s important to question them regularly to better understand their expectations of your company.

What is employee experience? How can you ensure your employees’ well-being? It’s simple: send them employee satisfaction surveys!

This survey will provide you with valuable feedback to help you understand your staff’s career aspirations and motivation. For example, you might ask:

  • Does your work give you a sense of professional accomplishment?
  • Do you have a good relationship with your co-workers?
  • Does your manager give you the support you need?
  • Are you satisfied with the benefits offered in your position?
  • Are you comfortable with your current salary?
  • Are the tasks in your current position challenging?
  • Are there any factors that negatively impact your job satisfaction?
  • Do you manage to achieve a good balance between your professional and private life?
  • What could we put in place to provide you with a better employee experience?

These surveys will allow you to assess the motivation of your staff and thus adapt your employee experience to their current needs. This is a must to better satisfy your teams!

If you have a high turnover rate, it is recommended that you have an exit interview survey. It will help you analyze certain factors that have adverse effects on the motivation of your staff. This will improve your employee experience and build talent loyalty!

3. Create a simple and clear recruitment process

During this time of labor shortage, it is important to optimize your recruitment processes to attract talents to your company. To achieve this, stand out from the competition with your employer brand and a quality employee experience.

What is employee experience? How can you optimize it with your recruitment processes? Here are some key steps to create an effective recruitment process:

  • Inform your candidates of your current recruitment processes by formulating clear steps;
  • Make sure you have a recruitment process in a few simple steps: a process that takes too long will deter potential candidates;
  • Offer your candidates competitive advantages to encourage them to make a quick decision;
  • Minimize delays before offering feedback to your candidates

Afterward, when conducting your interviews, make sure your candidate has a pleasant experience. Don’t keep them waiting: ask him to come to your office to conduct the meeting. Add a warm drink and a friendly welcome to the interview. Inform your talent of the tasks of their future role so that they have a good idea of the work to be done. Once the interview is over, thank them for their time.

Employee experience begins with the recruitment process. Don’t forget to take care of your internal processes and interviews so you can recruit more easily!

4. Clarify your mission and visions and then share them internally

Your employees are here to help you achieve your vision, so it’s important to share your future projects and goals with them.

How can you consult your employees to better clarify the mission of your brand? The solution is simple: involve them in your decisions!

Organize monthly or quarterly meetings to exchange ideas with them about your company. Whether it’s a recruitment period, optimizing your processes or integrating new technologies, your staff will be delighted to be involved in your vision. This is what a good employee experience should look like!

A brief exchange will help them better prepare for future changes in your business. Thus, they will be able to execute your vision while providing quality customer service.

5. Recognize the good work of your employees

Your employees do not just want to work for pay. They also want to be recognized for their good work.

According to the Harvard Business Review82% of employees do not think their managers recognize their work enough. Yet, according to the same source, 40% of employees say they would put more energy into their work if they got more recognition for their contribution.

Now that you know what employee experience is, how can you improve it? The answer is simple: recognize the good work of your staff. Celebrate their successes, share positive feedback from your satisfied customers, and show them that you appreciate their contribution. This way, they will be more committed to your company: it will have a considerable impact on their customer service!

6. Empower and trust your employees

Trust is the foundation of any interpersonal relationship. It is, therefore, crucial to establish a climate of trust and solidarity with the members of your team.

To improve your employee experience, show your staff that you trust them. Encourage them to take the initiative to address certain situations in the workplace. By highlighting the autonomy of your colleagues, you will give them a sense of success and belonging that will greatly increase their motivation.

Encourage and trust your employees to be self-reliant. In this way, they will be more involved in your processes, which will motivate them to work for your company. This is what a good employee experience should be!

7. Choose a personalized management approach for each employee

It is well known that every human being has different needs. In this vein, it is important to offer each of your employees a personalized approach.

Take the time to get to know your staff to better measure their motivation at workMeet with them regularly to check on them. This way, you can ensure their well-being while building a relationship of trust with them!

To that end, why not organize activities outside of work? Invite your team to meet for a 5-7 or group outing to allow them to relax while building better relationships. This is a great example of what an optimized employee experience should look like!

8. Encourage teamwork

The success of your business is a result of the productivity and collaboration of your employees as a team. In this sense, a good employee experience also translates into cohesion among your staff members.

A strong team will promote communication and support. It will strengthen their sense of belonging to your business. This is a significant asset for improving the motivation and commitment of your employees.

Encourage your staff to work as a team through team-building activities or by measuring their satisfaction with their relationship with their colleagues. This is what employee experience is all about!

9. Provide growth opportunities for your employees

To satisfy your employees, it is important that they feel fulfilled professionally. To that end, why not provide your staff with growth opportunities related to their current position?

For example, offer your team relevant and up-to-date training to help them improve their skills in their area of expertise. Invite them to informative meetings about some of your products. You could even invite them to attend webinars to deepen their knowledge of the customer experience!

Create competitive working conditions and career advancement opportunities to reward the work of your committed employees. This will allow you to give them a sense of professional accomplishment while recognizing their contribution to your business. This is what a good employee experience should bring to your staff!

10. Put in place an effective onboarding and employee training process

A good employee experience translates into a sense of trust, integrity, and happiness between your staff and your company. With that in mind, help your employees arrive so that they feel welcome in your company.

Announce their arrival to your team: take the opportunity to present them and highlight their professional background. Give them a little attention, like a welcome card or a coffee break with their manager. This will greatly contribute to their motivation at work!

To prevent your new talent from feeling confused, make sure you give them the support they need to integrate. Offer them relevant training related to their position, and spread their learning over several weeks. This will allow them to learn at their own pace while socializing with their co-workers!

11. Prioritize the well-being of your employees

To ensure your employees are motivated and engaged, you must first prioritize their well-being. However, how can you show your team that their satisfaction is at the center of your concerns?

As an employer, be flexible to better meet the expectations of your staff. In this sense, learn about the various issues in the lives of your colleagues to better adapt their working conditions to their current needs.

Offer better work-life balance, accept some atypical leave and consider allowing some of your positions to work from home. When an employee has a strict schedule, be understanding: try to adjust your hours of work based on their availability.

An empathetic employer who prioritizes the well-being of its employees will instill a climate of trust and respect within his company. This is a great example of what a good employee experience management should be!

12. Create an inspiring work environment

Your offices are more than just a work environment: they are a place where your staff gather, exchange ideas, and give their best to accomplish the tasks required. In this sense, it is crucial to provide your employees with an inspiring workplace that is conducive to meaningful meetings and exchanges.

To improve your employee experience, nurture the work environment of your teams. For example, opt for rooms with many windows to have a good brightness. Choose walls with bright colors, then garnish them with inspiring canvases. Integrate plants and contemporary furniture to brighten up your workplace.

On a more practical note, give your staff powerful computers to help them do their jobs better. Create closed spaces for meetings that are more private. Finally, set up a relaxation area for your staff’s breaks. On the menu: coffee machine, tea boxes and free snacks. This is what a good employee can bring to your workplace!

13. Be open to employee proposals

As an employer, it is important to involve your team in your internal processes. What better way to do that than to accept some of their proposals?

When setting up customer experience improvement committees, listen to your staff. Be empathetic, share your organizational vision, and accept some innovations from meetings. Also, if an employee contacts you to share optimization ideas for some of your processes, take the time to listen. You can take advantage of their creative and innovative side to improve some flaws in your business!

Employee experience is not just about the environment or interpersonal relationships; it also has to give a sense of inclusion to your staff. Be cooperative and open-minded – your team will be thrilled to know their ideas are being considered!

How InputKit can improve the employee experience

Do you have difficulty measuring your employees’ satisfaction? Do you want to learn more about what a good employee experience is for your staff? If so, InputKit is the right solution for you!

With our Employee Performance Assessment and Improvement Solution, you’ll get the straight facts about the work done by your staff. In fact, our solution collects responses to customer satisfaction surveys and automatically transforms them into performance indicators. This will allow you to know the quality of the services offered by your staff! Interesting, isn’t it?

In addition, our solution encourages satisfied customers to leave positive reviews online following a pleasant experience. This is an asset for the motivation of your colleagues: they will be proud to be publicly recognized for their good work. It is what a good employee experience should bring to your employees!

With our solution, you can even share positive feedback from your satisfied customers with your employees. This will allow you to empower them while showing them the concrete impact their service has on the lives of your clients. This is what employee experience is all about: it should motivate and empower your staff!

Finally, InputKit will soon have a fully automated and personalized employee satisfaction survey. With this tool, you will be able to question your team in order to offer them an employee experience that is more adapted to their current needs. This way, your team will know that their well-being is at the heart of your priorities!

Improving the employee experience can be a challenge for some. Follow our best practices to offer your staff the working conditions they deserve. This is what a good employee experience is all about!

When recruiting, make sure you have a diversity program in place. Conduct a pleasant interview that clearly communicates your company’s values, missions, and goals. Following this meeting, provide support to your new colleagues through multi-day learning and relevant training. This is what a good employee experience is!

Throughout the employee journey, differentiate yourself by giving your staff the recognition they deserve. Create an inspiring work environment that is based on teamwork, trust, and autonomy.

Finally, as a responsible employer, take care to regularly question your team about their job satisfaction. Hear from them in a personalized way to ensure their professional fulfillment and well-being. When you think about what employee experience is, follow these steps to ensure your staff’s well-being!

Do you have a tool that allows you to know the current needs of your employees? We invite you to plan a free demo of our solution with our experts to give your colleagues the employee experience they deserve!

How to Become a Top Employer During this Salary Increase Period?

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