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10 Benefits Related to the Best Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Customer satisfaction surveys are an essential tool for businesses. With them, you can improve your organization’s performance and increase customer loyalty. They also measure customers’ satisfaction with the products and services offered, as well as their perception of the company in order to act accordingly. 

Satisfaction survey results provide a valuable overview of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, a key asset in making the best possible decisions to improve your customer experience. With this in mind, surveys are essential for any company that wants to continuously improve to surpass the competition and offer its customers the best possible experience! 

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What are the benefits of the best customer satisfaction surveys? How can InputKit help you send such surveys? Without further ado, discover 10 benefits related to satisfaction surveys.

Benefits of satisfaction surveys

1. Measure customer satisfaction

Sending the best customer satisfaction surveys is a must for measuring your customers’ satisfaction. The results of your surveys will help you better understand your customers’ expectations of your products and services. So, you can offer them the best possible experience based on their concrete needs!

Depending on the questions asked during the survey, you will be able to evaluate the various performance indicators (KPIs) of your company. This valuable data holds a wealth of information for your organization. In particular, they will help you understand which stages of the customer journey require improvement, your customers’ overall satisfaction with your service delivery, as well as the recommendation rate obtained following a lived experience.

To help you, here are the 3 main performance indicators and their meaning: 

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): The overall satisfaction rate of your customers with your products and services. For example, ask the client, “How satisfied are you with our services?”, then propose a response as a numerical scale from 1 to 5.
  • Customer Effort Score (CES): The amount of effort your customers put into accessing your services, products or information. To measure it, ask “How much effort did you have to make to access the information on our website?”, then propose a response as a numerical scale from 1 to 5.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): The percentage of chances your clients recommend to their entourage. For example, ask, “How likely is it that you would recommend us to a family member or friend?”, then propose a response as a numerical scale between 1 and 10. 

In terms of Net Promoter Score, it is important to identify your customer types in order to distinguish your Promoters from your Detractors. This strategy will allow you to target your ambassadors during your online review requests and rectify the situation with your dissatisfied customers. 

Here’s how to calculate your clients’ Net Promoter Score after a satisfaction survey: 

  • Detractors (0-6): These customers are dissatisfied with your service and don’t intend to return to your company or recommend it. It’s best to rectify the situation quickly before they spread negative word-of-mouth, or even a bad brand image. If you’re proactive enough, maybe you could turn them into your brand promoters!
  • Passives (7-8): These clients are indifferent to the service received. It’s important to take note of their feedback to provide them with the best possible experience. If they get a highly personalized service that meets their expectations, they will definitely become promoters of your brand!
  • Promoters (9 to 10): These brand ambassadors are satisfied with the experience and are likely to recommend you to their entourage. As a result, we encourage you to send them an invitation to leave a positive online review. This will increase your awareness and attract many potential customers to your company!

Keep in mind that writing the best customer satisfaction surveys is essential to meet your customers’ needs and expectations. With a solution like InputKit, after a lived experience, take the time to send an automated survey to get your client’s opinion. You will be able to continuously improve according to the real needs of your customers!

3 examples of successful customer satisfaction surveys

2. Identify customer experience strengths and weaknesses

Your best customer satisfaction surveys are not only used to gather valuable performance indicator data, but also to identify strengths and weaknesses in your customer experience. For example, a customer may find access to your store difficult and will not hesitate to share it with you during your questionnaire. Another possible scenario: a customer came into the store to buy a product available on your website, but unfortunately it is not on your tablets. 

The idea is essentially to ask specific and diverse questions to get valuable information about your customers’ journey and experience. This includes: 

  • The location;
  • The parking space;
  • Access for people with reduced mobility;
  • The optimization of the website;
  • Standardization of information;
  • The customer service;
  • The quality/price ratio;
  • Costs and delivery times;
  • Cleanliness in stores;
  • The technologies used to facilitate the customer journey.

As a result, when asking your customers, take the time to assess the various areas of your customers’ journey and experience to clearly identify areas that need improvement. You will be able to ensure a seamless customer journey and a personalized experience: two necessary assets to ensure your customers’ satisfaction!

3. Continuously improve the quality of your products and services

Of course, it’s not after one or two satisfaction surveys that you will have finished optimizing your services. In a constantly changing market, competition is fierce: customers always have more choices to meet their needs and requirements of the moment. That’s why you need to constantly adapt to stand out from the competition!

In order to achieve this, always send your best customer satisfaction survey following a lived experience. Over time, you can evaluate the latest trends in your industry and the new expectations of your target clientele. This will allow you to compete in the competitive market while offering your customers an optimized and personalized experience according to their concrete needs!

In addition, it is also crucial to keep track of product experience trends. Don’t underestimate the importance of having trendy products or new technologies to better satisfy your customers. Many products such as Microsoft Windows Vista, Coca-Cola C2 and Segway have failed to achieve their goals because of their obsolescence and lack of originality. Disturbing, isn’t it?

To avoid losing thousands of dollars, always invest in recent products according to your customers’ requests. Powerful technologies and trendy service will allow you to continuously improve your customer experience!

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4. Increase customer loyalty 

It’s no secret that customers like you to take the time to consider and listen to them. No one appreciates a condescending company that ignores its customers. That’s why satisfaction surveys are a great way to build customer loyalty!

Establishing good communication between the company and its customers is the first step in building lasting relationships over time. By showing your customers that their feedback is considered and listened to, you will create a sense of belonging to a brand that respects their values. In this sense, beyond a product, you will be an organization, a family, who knows them and meet their needs. In addition, with the best customer satisfaction surveys, you can implement personalization strategies that will increase your customers’ loyalty to your business. This is a great tactic to better meet their expectations!

Remember that customers will always be more loyal to an organization they can partner with. By sending the best customer satisfaction surveys, you can consider your clientele’s suggestions and improve your experience in a meaningful way! 

5. Increase employee satisfaction

Did you know that best customer satisfaction surveys also contribute to employees’ well-being? Valuable customer feedback is a great motivator for your colleagues at work!

Through these surveys, your teams will understand the concrete impact their service has on the lives of your clients. This will help them feel valued and motivated, which in turn will greatly increase job satisfaction. Knowing that the quality of their services is recognized by their clients, they will be more inclined to give the best of themselves! 

In addition, feedback from your customers helps the company identify areas where employees can improve. So, with the help of surveys, your teams will know exactly which areas of the customer experience need special attention to act consistently. This will encourage a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration, as all will need to work together to achieve the best experience possible. 

All in all, the best customer satisfaction surveys greatly improve workplace well-being by establishing an organizational culture that promotes valorization, continuous improvement and team spirit within your business. This will create a sense of belonging and recognition that will help your employees perform to the best of their abilities!

6. Improve communication within the company

The best customer satisfaction surveys are an excellent tool for improving internal communication. By giving customers a voice, the company allows them to express their dissatisfaction, their specific needs, their expectations and their overall opinion of the experience. This way, your departments, managers and employees can have a better overview of the progress to be made and act accordingly!

Through the best customer satisfaction surveys, managers will know exactly what feedback to give employees to make them work to the best of their abilities. In the same vein, by sharing feedback and suggestions from satisfied clients, they can improve the motivation and commitment of their teams for optimal performance at work. Interesting, isn’t it?

Finally, the best customer satisfaction surveys allow good collaboration between the various departments. Thanks to the data and performance indicators obtained, your company will be able to transparently communicate the weaknesses and strengths of experience to its employees to encourage them to work towards a common goal. This spirit of cohesion will greatly help your departments to have a better overview of the objectives to be achieved!

Remember, by fostering a climate of communication, collaboration and authenticity, you will facilitate the flow of information internally. This will definitely have a positive impact on the satisfaction of your employees and customers!

7. Drive strategic business decision-making

Along with internal communication, your best customer satisfaction surveys have a significant impact on corporate decision-making. By identifying the specific needs and expectations of your clients, you will be able to identify areas for improvement and make strategic decisions. These include: 

  • The products and services offered by the company;
  • Internal policies and organizational culture;
  • To the brand image of the company;
  • Quality of customer service;
  • The fluidity of the customer journey;
  • Training of employees;
  • The technologies put in place;
  • Different marketing and sales strategies.

How can the best customer satisfaction surveys help your company make a strategic decision? To help you, here are 5 ways these surveys are useful to your business when it comes to strategic decision-making: 

  • Provide quantitative data: Surveys collect quantitative data on customer satisfaction, which helps businesses make informed decisions about their products, services and internal policies.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement: Surveys help companies identify strengths and weaknesses in their products and services, helping them identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Assess the effectiveness of strategies: Companies use surveys to assess the effectiveness of their strategies by measuring customer satisfaction before and after implementation.
  • Making data-driven decisions: Survey results allow businesses to focus on areas that have the most impact on customer satisfaction.
  • Anticipate trends: Regular surveys allow companies to anticipate satisfaction trends and make strategic decisions accordingly.

8. Improve your online reputation

Throughout your best customer satisfaction surveys, you should have noted many comments and suggestions to improve your customer experience based on concrete expectations and data. In this sense, having made the necessary efforts to create an innovative, personalized and unique customer experience, you will gain many positive reviews online that will allow you to position yourself as one of the experts in your industry!

First, customers like to feel considered and listened to by your business. By making improvements and small customizations to the customer experience, you show your community that their feedback has been read by your organization. This creates a sense of trust, cohesion and familiarity that optimizes your customers’ loyalty. This will definitely make them want to leave you excellent reviews online and recommend you to their entourage! 

On the other hand, thanks to the Net Promoter Score, you will be able to exclusively target your brand promoters to invite them to leave you a positive online review. With a solution like InputKit, you can automate sending such a request after each satisfaction survey that has received positive responses. This is an essential asset if you want to improve your reputation and win new prospects!

9. Identify current trends

We have previously explained how the best customer satisfaction surveys are a must-have to continuously improve your customer experience. However, how do they identify current trends?

With responses collected over time, compare your customers’ satisfaction with their most frequent suggestions. For example, you could send periodic surveys to your clients to assess results at various times of the year. If customer satisfaction increases or decreases over time, this may indicate a new trend within the industry. It is at this point that it will be important to note the frequent suggestions and comments to place you as a company of choice with your customers and prospects!

In addition, if your business sees a decline in customer satisfaction over the months, your products and services may no longer meet your customers’ expectations. With the best customer satisfaction surveys, you can make strategic decisions to innovate in your industry and stand out from your competitors. 

Our expert advice: by cross-referencing your questions about the customer journey and those about your customers’ overall satisfaction, you will obtain accurate data that will allow you to know which spheres need to be optimized as quickly as possible. Remember this strategy to identify and track the latest trends in your industry!

10. Save money

Did you know that according to a study conducted by SuperOffice, companies with strategies that put the customer at the center of the experience would generate an average of 60% more profits? This proves that to create a great experience, you must first give your customers a voice! 

Your best customer satisfaction surveys will help you identify and solve problems before they get worse. In addition, here are 4 ways that customer satisfaction surveys impact your company’s budget: 

  • Reduce the cost of losing customers: By monitoring customer satisfaction, companies take proactive steps to rectify dissatisfaction and continuously improve the customer experience. This improves customer retention and loyalty while reducing the costs of customer reacquisition.
  • Saving on customer support costs: Customer satisfaction surveys help businesses identify and quickly address customer problems. By offering an optimal experience and journey, you will reduce the cost of customer support.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Satisfaction surveys allow businesses to identify the areas that have the most impact on customer satisfaction. This facilitates strategic decision-making and allows employees to focus on the most cost-effective improvements.
  • Optimize marketing spending: Businesses can use survey results to optimize marketing spending by focusing on initiatives that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction.

How InputKit help you write the best customer satisfaction surveys

Are you looking for a solution to help you write and automate your best customer satisfaction surveys? If so, InputKit Customer Experience is the right tool for you!

With our solution, you can send an automated and personalized satisfaction survey after each experience. We suggest you to wait 1 to 2 hours after a service delivery in order to collect hot and detailed reactions, for a maximum of information. Our response rate of 49% by email and 57% by text message (SMS) guarantees you to get valuable data, no matter which sending method you choose! 

In addition to our automation, our solution also offers many question templates to help you write the best customer satisfaction surveys. Customer Effort Score, Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, Customer service, employee professionalism, in-store hospitality, appointment follow-up and more: keep an eye on the data you care about with detailed questions and accurate performance indicators!

Also, did you know that InputKit also has a powerful and centralized dashboard? With real-time notifications and an unanswered review filter, you’ll be able to see how your business is evolving. Be notified in case of customer dissatisfaction, monitor your employees’ performance, observe the evolution of your target KPIs and manage your online reviews, all from the same ergonomic platform and easy to use. You can even observe your metrics based on the location of your choice. It’s a great tool to turn your best customer satisfaction surveys’ data into target metrics to monitor your business over time!

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Overall, what are the benefits of your best customer satisfaction surveys? Discover now 10 benefits provided by the regular sending of such questionnaires!

Through these surveys, you can measure your customers’ satisfaction in order to identify areas of improvement within your company. Feedback will help you make strategic decisions based on current trends and optimize internal communication to continuously improve your customer experience. In the long term, this will allow you to build customer loyalty, improve your reputation and save money to ensure the longevity of your business. You can even share your best opinions with your employees to maximize the commitment, satisfaction and motivation of your teams at work!

Moving forward, do you need additional help to improve your customer experience based on feedback? If this is your case, don’t hesitate to schedule a fully customized and free InputKit demo at the time of your choice. Our team of subject matter experts will be happy to contribute to your company’s customer success!

3 Examples of Successful Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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