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InputKit is a customer experience solution that automates your customer satisfaction follow-ups.

InputKit is used by several installation and home services companies

Be the obvious choice for customers

Take control of your online reviews. 82% of consumers read reviews online before selecting a new supplier.

3-10x more reviews each month

Collect up to 3 to 10x more reviews per month, guaranteed.

Make it simple for your customers

With the single click of a button make their task easier.

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"With InputKit, we have quadrupled our Google and Facebook reviews that we receive every month, and we receive only 5-star reviews! (We’re getting Google reviews every week, I’ve never seen that!) Our Google rating went from 3.4 to 3.8 in 2 months!"

Marie-Pier Houle

Associate, Portes et Fenêtres Président

An exceptional customer experience.

Following an installation, service call any other kind of work, your client receives a satisfaction follow-up (survey) by SMS or email. The goal is to make sure they were completely satisfied following the service they received.

Ensure complete customer satisfaction

Show your customers that their satisfaction is your priority

100% automated

InputKit easily integrates with your Servex, ServiCentre, ProgressionLive or your management tools

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"Before InputKit, we called every customer after the move to make sure they were satisfied, but we couldn't reach them all, we disturbed them at work and we often caught them off guard. Since we have InputKit, it's much simpler and more efficient!! The customer automatically receives an SMS, which he can reply to whenever he has 2 minutes. We don't bother them anymore, we save at least 4 hours a week and the feedback is much more honest and precise! "

Samuel Denis

Owner, Déménagement Sam Denis

Be proactive and avoid losing customers

Detect 3x more dissatisfied patients

With InputKit, you detect more unhappy customers.

Take action, even with anonymous

Take action before it gets out of hand.

Notification to the right person

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Evaluate your technicians, installers and sales reps

Evaluating your employees has never been easier. Simplify your work and make decisions based on real facts.

Empower employees

Hold your employees accountable for the customer experience they provide.

Know the real story

Keep track of what’s really going on between your employees and clients on the field.

Adapt their remuneration

Possibility of offering bonuses to the top performers for example

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“I now have a pair of glasses on every move. If the guys show up late or forget to put the mat at the customer's entrance, I know it right away and I can make sure it doesn't happen again. I send the guys the positive feedback and they are much more motivated and provide better service. It allows me to provide better customer experience and it pays off !!. ""

Samuel Denis

Président, Déménagement Sam Denis


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