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Beauty Salon Customer Satisfaction Survey: 7 Questions to Ask

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Selecting a beauty salon is a special decision-making process, since your clients develop a very close relationship with your care experts. In this sense, to test the experience offered, some customers try a salon for the first time before making a longer-term choice. How can you ensure that the care offered in your salon meets their expectations? How can you ensure that after a first visit, clients will return to your beauty care center? In this article, discover 7 questions to ask in a beauty salon customer satisfaction survey. This will ensure the well-being of your customers and increase their chances of loyalty!


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How important is the customer experience in beauty salons?

In an industry as competitive as beauty services, attracting and retaining new customers is really important. According to e-marketing.fr87% of customers look at reviews left online before buying a product and 34% of consumers think that a review is more convincing than a promotion. A bad experience can quickly have a snowball effect, which is not desirable!

Therefore, when you open a beauty salon, you have to make sure you create a unique and memorable customer experience. To achieve this, over time, it is necessary to take the time to question your customers with a beauty salon survey. Knowing your customers, what they like and what’s bothering them will help you improve and generate more revenue.

Whether it’s a hair salon, spa or beauty care center, neglecting a customer’s satisfaction can destroy a company’s reputation. So, how to adapt to the opinion of all in a sector as personalized as the beauty industry? By trying to learn from the major trends identified in the beauty salon customer satisfaction survey.


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What factors impact the customer experience in beauty salons?

Beauty salons are a place of relaxation for your guests. That’s why your patients’ journey within your company must be seamless from start to finish: they must feel supported, listened to and pampered.

The implementation of a beauty salon customer satisfaction survey will make it possible to know if your clients are satisfied with your services. The criterias that may be included in your beauty salon satisfaction survey may include questions related to:

  • The reception’s quality 
  • The service providers’ punctuality
  • Security of the premises 
  • Having a caring staff 
  • The decor and overall atmosphere 
  • The workspace’s order 
  • The equipment’s hygiene
  • The prices 
  • The follow-ups after appointments 


These factors are suggestions of things to follow to ensure your customers’ satisfaction. Remember that a satisfied customer is much more likely to attract new leads through word of mouth and online reviews! In this sense, it is essential to relaunch those who have responded favourably to your beauty salon satisfaction survey by suggesting that they share their positive opinion on your online review platforms.

What is the importance of creating beauty salon customer satisfaction surveys?

A beauty salon customer satisfaction survey will allow you to ensure the satisfaction of your customers by adapting your services to their needs. It is a simple, fast and efficient way to assess the loyalty of your customers and the quality of the services offered by your employees. It’s also an opportunity to hear your customers’ true opinions without them feeling stuck in front of the staff!

Some may ask: Isn’t a questionnaire just an opportunity to complain?

Not at all! On the contrary, it is vital to know your customers’ opinion of your company via a beauty salon customer satisfaction survey to avoid invaluable losses. It is preferable for a customer to express their dissatisfaction in a beauty salon customer satisfaction survey rather than that he never lets you know and then disappears forever.

Often, when satisfied, beauty customers have their habits and remain loyal. In this sense, it is important to establish good communication with your customers and to make them feel important so that they feel valued and listened to. Through the beauty salon customer satisfaction survey, you will be able to assess their needs and implement initiatives to meet and exceed their expectations!

This will allow you to stand out from the crowd while showing them that their opinion is important to you.


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7 examples of satisfaction questions to ask in your beauty salon customer satisfaction survey

Now that you know more about the impact of customer satisfaction on your beauty salon, we offer 7 examples of questions to ask in your beauty salon customer satisfaction survey.

1. A question to measure the NPS (Net promoter score)

The Net Promoter Score assesses the likelihood that your customers will refer to your business. With this type of question, you will be able to assess whether your client had a positive experience at your salon.

To do this, create a question based on the likelihood that the client will recommend your services to a relative, and then propose a choice of answers based on a scale of 1 to 10:

  • How likely are you to recommend our services to a friend or family member?


Once you have surveyed your customers via your beauty salon customer satisfaction survey, you will be able to calculate your NPS. You will need to subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters:

  • detractor is a dissatisfied customer who will leave a score of 0 to 6;
  • A score between 7 and 8 translates into a passive client who shows a certain level of indifference;
  • client ambassador (promoter) is a client who scores you between 9 and 10. It is this type of customer who will express his interest in your beauty salon and make you known to his entourage.


The final result, a score between -100 and 100,  indicates your NPS.

While there is no universal standard for determining what a good Net Promoter Score is, we recommend that you try to be between 70 and 100 to make sure your customers recommend your services.

2. A question to measure the CES (Customer effort score)

In a beauty salon customer satisfaction survey, the Customer Effort Score allows you to calculate the level of effort that the customer had to provide in order to access your company’s services.

When evaluating the CES, ask your questions as a level of effort. Here is a concrete example that can be applied to an beauty salon satisfaction questionnaire:

  • How easy was it to do business with us?


Response choices can be formulated as a five-level scale.

  • Very easy 
  • Easy 
  • Neutral 
  • Difficult  
  • Very difficult 


The lower the score, the easier it was for the customer to do business with you. On the other hand, the higher the score, the more effort the customer had to make to do business with you, which is less positive.  This indicator allows you to target the level of difficulty of some of your processes to improve your customer experience!

Pay attention to the CES to see if your current customer experience needs to be modified for greater simplicity! 

3. A question to measure the CSAT (Customer satisfaction score)

The level of customer satisfaction allows you to know if the customer has enjoyed their overall experience within your company.

To assess your CSAT, ask questions that assess several aspects of your services in one answer.

Here is a concrete example for a beauty salon customer satisfaction survey:

  • Did you enjoy your overall experience at our salon?
  • Did our team provide you with a service that met your expectations?

Beauty salon customer satisfaction survey CSAT question

If the customer is satisfied, it is wise to invite them to leave a review about your salon: this is a golden opportunity for you to increase your customer base, adapt your services or generate cross-selling.

Thanks to the CSAT obtained via your beauty salon customer satisfaction survey, you will know if your clients are satisfied with your current services.

4. A question to assess the condition of your salon

In an area where hygiene is important, it is needed to ensure the safety and security of your salon. A clean and tidy space has a direct and positive impact on the customer’s trust in you: make your living room a warm and relaxing place.

Here are some examples of questions to measure customer satisfaction in your spa, more precisely via a spa satisfaction survey, to assess the condition of the place:

  • What do you think about the comfort of the cabins/relaxation rooms?
  • Was the on-site temperature adequate?
  • Were the towels provided clean?

The quality of the spa’s hygiene is a major issue for the satisfaction of your customers. A lukewarm sauna, wet towel or a hard-to-reach spa can undermine your client’s confidence and deter them from returning.

Don’t forget: an appointment at your beauty salon must above all be a moment of relaxation and comfort.

As for the proposed answer choices, you can again opt for a likert scale, offering 5 answer choices ranging from very satisfied to very dissatisfied.

5. A question to assess the service provided by staff

For your customers to come back, you need to make them feel important as soon as they cross the threshold of your salon. This notion is all the more true in the beauty care sector. After all, who wants to be rushed during a moment of relaxation?

The reception and service of the staff of your beauty salon are key elements in the perceived quality of care: a warm welcome and a trusting team will reassure the customers and allow them to feel at home.

To maximize your customers’ comfort, invite them to briefly wait in a soothing environment with a hot drink. Confirm their appointment booking by email or text message; follow up with them after their meeting by sending them a beauty salon customer satisfaction survey.

Here are three examples of questions to assess the quality of your hospitality and your employees:

  • Was the staff polite and comforting?
  • Did the care professional introduce herself to you? 
  • Are you satisfied with the greeting you received when you arrived at the salon?


To this type of question in connection with the reception in your salon, we could find the following answer choices:

  • Very satisfied
  • Somewhat satisfied
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
  • Somewhat dissatisfied
  • Very dissatisfied


By asking these kinds of questions, your customers will feel appreciated and will let you quickly know it!


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6. A question to assess the care received 

The end result has a direct influence on the perception of the care received.  Thus, in your beauty salon customer satisfaction survey, it is important to ask your customers for their appreciation of the care and products used, as well as the methods applied by the esthetician.

To help guide you, here are some examples of questions that can be included in a beauty salon customer satisfaction survey:

  • Does the care provided produce the intended effect?
  • How satisfied are you with the care you received?


For this specific question, you may offer the following options in terms of answers:

  • Very satisfied 
  • Somewhat satisfied
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
  • Somewhat dissatisfied
  • Very dissatisfied


This evaluation of the received care will allow you to adapt your services and products to ensure the well-being and health of your clients. This will also help to rectify a future situation before the care. For example, if a client expects to never see hair again after a single laser waxing session, she may be disappointed. Maybe she needed to get more information prior to treatment. Your beauty salon customer satisfaction survey will allow you to see if there is a big gap between your customers’ expectations and the results!


7. An open-ended question for suggestions for improvements

Finally, encourage your customers to express themselves with an open-ended question. This will allow them to inform you of their advice without being constrained by a predetermined choice.

At the end of your beauty salon customer satisfaction survey, you can ask them:

  • What are your suggestions for improvements for our company?
  • Are there any new beauty treatments you would like to see at the salon? 


Unlike closed-ended questions, open-ended questions allow a conversation. They require the client to think before responding, allowing you to accurately point out a flaw in your service or may provide you with a recommendation that is relevant to your institution.

The value of open-ended questions in a beauty salon customer satisfaction survey is considerable, since this type of question provides a great wealth in terms of diversity of answers.


Seize your cross-selling opportunities in the beauty salon industry

Did you know that, according to the Journal du net, you are 60% to 70% more likely to sell to an existing customer than a new one? This data shows the importance of taking care of your customers. If they are satisfied with your services, you can offer them a personalized service in the form of cross-selling.

Imagine a client who has just received care that they are very satisfied with. Following a positive experience, it is interesting to recommend a product or complementary care. This way, the customer will have more interest in doing business with you if they have a positive perception of your brand. To avoid annoying them, offer products that are compatible with what they have already bought.

Examples of complementary products and care include:

  • A nail care set after a manicure ;
  • A Premium spa membership with a bathing suit from your brand ;
  • An exfoliant used during a facial.

At the time of payment, in order to optimize the customer experience, you can also offer a sample product to the customer. Thus, you show that you are attentive to his beauty routine, but also to his needs.

You can also reward customers who answered your beauty salon customer satisfaction survey with a 10% discount on their next treatments. They will feel cherished to be rewarded for their loyalty and will adhere more to your company.

For this purpose, there are ways to automate the generation of cross-selling. A solution like InputKit makes it possible to suggest complementary products and care to your satisfied customers by email or text messages. This is an opportunity to generate additional sales!

How can you maximize your beauty salon customer satisfaction survey response rates?

When measures are put in place to determine customer satisfaction, we hope to obtain a high response rate. However, this is not always the case. Poor timing, lack of time, too long surveys: several factors can explain that you do not reach the expected response rate. However, rest assured that there are several good practices to improve the system. Here are a few examples! 

  • When meeting with your customer in the salon, notify them of the upcoming survey and emphasize the importance of completing it. This will allow them to understand the impact of their answers on the services offered in your salon.
  • Send the survey within 24 hours following the client’s appointment. In this way, their experience will be more recent: they will be more inclined to respond and their comments will be more specific.
  • Make sure your survey reflects your business.
  • Be sure to remind the customer of the importance of their comments. This will help differentiate them from spam and remind them of your services
  • When creating your forms, be clear, concise and precise. It is recommended to have fewer than 10 questions and a single open answer so as not to overload your already busy customers.

Your customers may respond if you send them reminders when they have not yet completed the beauty salon customer satisfaction survey

Following these tips will increase the response rate to your surveys. Some solutions, such as InputKit, can help you increase your response rate by up to 45%, automatically, which will help reduce your workload.

How to improve your customer experience based on the beauty salon customer satisfaction survey feedback?

Once you have received the answers to your beauty salon customer satisfaction survey, it is time to adapt your services to your customers. 

For example, if the problem is the reception, garnish your waiting room with a comfortable chair; and while you inform the customer of the possible delay, offer them a warm beverage and magazines to make the experience more enjoyable. The sound of soothing music can also contribute to the feeling of relaxation. In addition, make sure to make your staff aware of the importance of the first moments in the salon : a friendly welcome is essential to feel good in your establishment!

Don’t forget to motivate your employees to provide quality care. In terms of motivation, it has been proven that employees appreciate receiving feedback based on real patient feedback. To highlight these comments, set up a dashboard with positive customer feedback and suggestions to show your employees that their services are appreciated. This will also allow them to adapt to the responses received.

Finally, don’t forget to make your customers feel important. Be confident, offer them products related to the services provided and make a personalized follow-up after each appointment. They will feel appreciated and will be more inclined to recommend your beauty salon to their entourage!

How can InputKit help you build relevant questionnaires in the beauty salon industry?

With a response rate of 45% by email and 57% by textInputKit offers a solution that allows you to create a personalised follow-up with your clients in the field of well-being.

One hour after your appointment, your client will receive a beauty salon customer satisfaction survey to evaluate your services. This will allow them to complete the form with the care you have provided in mind – an essential asset for accurate and up-to-date suggestions and comments.

Automating questionnaire shipments via InputKit will allow you to focus on other priority tasks. And if you have any questions, don’t worry: the help center has a multitude of articles to answer you, in addition to unlimited support in French.

How can InputKit help you improve your online reviews in the beauty salon industry?

In addition to automating the sending of satisfaction surveys in the beauty industry, the InputKit solution detects negative opinions in real time. This allows you to act quickly before the situation escalates further.

The results of your beauty salon customer satisfaction survey will allow you to evaluate your professionals based on real facts. With feedback from your customers, you can empower your employees and adjust your service to their performance.

Moreover, the InputKit solution automates the suggestion to leave a Google review with your satisfied customers. With this best practice, you will see your Google reviews increase between 3 and 10 times compared to your previous results.

Optimizing the customer experience in a beauty salon can be a major challenge. However, thanks to an optimized beauty salon customer satisfaction survey, you will be able to better understand what is happening in your rooms in order to adapt your services according to your customers’ comments.

Finally, can you think of a moment when a survey could have made it easier to optimize the customer experience in your beauty salon? Anyhow, you now know the best practices to create successful satisfaction surveys in the beauty field!

8 tips for optimizing your customer experience in a beauty salon

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