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Inputkit, the Best Dental Management Software You Need!

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In dental offices, the goal of the teams in place is to ensure the best patient experience for people who come to use the care provided by your institution. However, with the many existing clinics, it can be challenging to differentiate and deliver a memorable patient experience to retain your patients.

In this context, the implementation of a dental management software, specifically a patient experience software like InputKit, becomes an indispensable asset for your dental practice. By automating your processes, you can improve the quality of your patient experience, and build a relationship of trust that will help you build more patient loyalty.

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How important is the patient experience? How can implementing a dental solution like InputKit help you streamline your processes? Here’s how InputKit can optimize the processes of your dental clinic to better inform you about the challenges of a good patient experience solution!

The importance of a good dental patient experience

Optimizing your patient experience isn’t just about satisfying your patient. It also means improving your processes, your management, and the quality of your services in order to provide your patients with the experience they deserve.

A study conducted by Dental Product Report showed that more than 60% of patients experience anxiety before their dental appointment. In this sense, having the best dental management software can allow you to develop a trusting relationship with your patients. This will help them relax and give them quality treatment!

How can the implementation of a dental management software benefit your dental practice? How does the introduction of this patient experience software benefit your dentists? Here are six ways in which an optimized patient experience benefits your dental clinic.

1. Attract new customers

First of all, it is well known that a clinic offering quality service and known for its good reputation will attract many prospects.

A dental clinic with positive online reviews as well as an excellent e-reputation will get higher positioning on search engines, just like Google. With this in mind, a clinic with good dental management software that handles online reviews, such as InputKit, will be more likely to appear in the first Google results and generate traffic that will increase its patient acquisition.

In addition, a quality treatment offered by a warm staff resulted in positive word of mouth from your current patients. These ambassadors will recommend your services to their loved ones who, in turn, will become regular patients. That’s why it’s important to improve your patient experience with dental management software, like InputKit!

2. Retain your existing customers

Patient retention and loyalty are central to the goals of dental clinics. Indeed, a patient who gets a warm welcome, regular follow-up, and professional treatment will be much more likely to return to your office and may even recommend your services to his entourage.

A dental management software like InputKit can help you retain your current patient. Send them regular satisfaction surveys and personalized reminders for future appointments. Complement the whole with high-quality service given by an efficient team. In this way, you will turn your patients into ambassadors for your clinic. They will attest to your expertise, leave you positive reviews online and generate a positive word of mouth that will greatly increase your visibility. Having the best dental management software is essential for your patient retention!

3 examples of successful customer satisfaction surveys

3. Increase your sales

An optimized patient experience results in  better satisfaction for your patient. A patient who is satisfied with your services will be more committed to your clinic, as well as helping to acquire new leads. Increased loyalty also means increased revenue, as served customers return again while having new customers in parallel.

A loyal clientele will visit you regularly, which will generate a regular profit for your practice.

In this sense, having dental management software like InputKit can increase your sales!

Remember: having effective dental management software like InputKit will help you improve your patient tracking and experience. This will increase your annual revenue significantly!

4.Ensure the growth and longevity of your clinic

While dental management software makes a significant contribution to your patient experience, it also allows you to ensure the growth and longevity of your dental clinic.

A clinic recognized for its good services will regularly obtain new patients, in addition to optimizing the retention and retention of its current patient. In this vein, it will generate a high turnover that will allow it to invest in improving its patient experience.

This will allow your dental office to better adapt to its patient’s expectations. Modern technologies, up-to-date waiting rooms, employee-relevant training: there are a variety of options to improve your services to meet the current needs of your patients. Get InputKit, the best dental management software that specializes in the patient experience, which will allow you to grow better so you can give your patients the experience they deserve!

5. Stand out from your competitors

According to the Intuit study, 73% of patients would be ready to change clinics in order to obtain dental management software that would facilitate the experience.

dental management software like InputKit allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors, since many competitors do not take the time to send patient satisfaction surveys after dental appointments and, above all, to act according to the feedback obtained. By implementing a patient experience solution like InputKit, you are taking the next step towards an optimized patient experience.

Also, did you know that InputKit seamlessly binds to your existing dental software, such as Progitent and Dentitek? This greatly facilitates the work of dental clinic managers, as their various systems in place communicate with each other. This centralizes information about your patients and their satisfaction. InputKit is a solution that will benefit the satisfaction of your patient as well as the optimized management of your dental clinic!

6. Increase employee motivation at work

Of course, an optimized patient experience allows you to improve your patients’ satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. However, did you know that the happiness of your patient has a direct impact on the commitment and motivation of your employees?

Indeed, dental management software like InputKit can help you improve the motivation of your team at work. By optimizing your patient experience, you can share with your staff the positive and relevant feedback from your satisfied patient. It’s a great way to empower your employees by showing them how their services impact the lives of their patients. In addition, you will be able to share their successes, which will encourage them to give their best at work.

Benefit from the InputKit solution that will benefit your patients, but also your staff. A committed team will be much more productive: its professionalism will greatly contribute to the satisfaction of your patients!


Best practices for optimizing the dental patient experience

Now that you know the importance of a good patient experience, it’s time to optimize your processes. However, improving the management of your clinic can be complex if you are unfamiliar with issues related to the patient experience, or even with the implementation of dental management software.

How can you improve your patient experience? To help you, here are six best practices to follow to better meet the needs of your patient.

Free French EBook - 3 examples of successful customer satisfaction surveys

1. Create a pleasant environment

It is well known that a visit to the dentist can be a source of stress for your patients. In this sense, it is important to offer them a friendly and up-to-date environment that will allow them to relax before their appointment.

In your waiting room, opt for soft music and soothing colors that will help your patient to relax. Set up a table with games and books for children to create a family-friendly atmosphere. And why not offer your patients a hot drink or snack while waiting? This will show them that their well-being is at the center of your priorities!

A welcoming waiting room will be conducive to relaxation, which will improve the satisfaction of your patients in the clinic!


2. Establish clear and reassuring processes

Patients come to you because you are experts in the dental field. So it’s important that they understand the nature of the treatments that are being done. The unknown can be a source of stress for your patient: this is why you need to clarify your processes before proceeding with the appointment.

In your waiting room, set up screens with informative videos to better vulgarize the importance of oral hygiene. In the operating room, cover your walls with explanatory posters about the various treatments offered by your dental clinic. You could even fill your rooms with magazines and books written by experts in the field!

If you have dental management software, why not communicate their treatment plan to your patients via email or SMS? If necessary, popularize some concepts to ensure they understand the treatment that will be given at the next appointment. This will allow them to feel confident and better prepare for their next meeting with their dentist.

3. Confirm appointment by sending reminders

As a manager, you know that your patients have a busy life. To this end, your patient will appreciate being able to change their appointment or to get reminders to not miss their meeting with your team.

Indeed, Zippia certifies that 68% of patients will prefer to use a clinic with dental management software that allows them to make, modify or cancel appointments online. This study confirms that it is important to do a good follow-up of the appointment booking with your patient!

Be sure to send a dental appointment confirmation email to your patients so they know if they can come to your office on the scheduled date. Afterward, follow up on the appointment booking by sending them regular reminders using your dental management software. This will allow them to keep their appointment date in mind and change it quickly if necessary!

4. Maximize employee motivation and satisfaction

As mentioned earlier, your employees are a reflection of your clinic. In this sense, it is essential to ensure your staff’s motivation and satisfaction. An employee who is satisfied with their working conditions will do their best to accomplish the task. On the contrary, a demotivated and disengaged team will be 60% more likely to make mistakes while treating your patient. This is a statistic not to be overlooked!

With a dental management software like InputKit, you can send employee satisfaction surveys to your staff to assess their motivation. As a result, you can schedule monthly or weekly meetings to ask them about their satisfaction with their current work. You will also be able to share with them the positive feedback from your patients as well as the good deeds done in your clinic. This will motivate them to offer a high-quality service that will satisfy your patients. Employee motivation is a big advantage when it comes to implementing the best dental management software in your clinic!

5. Ask patients if they enjoyed their experience

In order to offer your patient an exceptional experience, you must first know their current needs. What better way to do this than to send them a patient satisfaction survey?

A dental management and patient experience software like InputKit allows you to send a fully automated and personalized patient satisfaction survey at the right time, one to two hours after the appointment. Feedback from these surveys will not only save you valuable management time, but will also allow you to adapt your patient experience to your patient’s expectations. This is a must for improving the quality of your services!

You don’t have dental management software to send your surveys automatically? Find out now how our solution can benefit your dental practice.

6.  Follow up after appointment

According to the BestDoc’s study, 70% of patients appreciate a dental office that follows up after the appointment. This proves that a good dental clinic is continuously monitoring its patients!

With your dental management software, email your patients to learn more about their health. Remind them to contact you if they need to, or even return to your dental office if an unpleasant experience has occurred. Send them a detailed treatment and prescription plan to support them after their appointment! They will appreciate this kind of attention!

The importance of having good management software for your dental clinic

You now know the benefits of an optimized patient experience and the processes you need to put in place to achieve it. However, do you know how a patient experience solution can benefit your clinic?

Having such software can make it easier for your dentists in many ways. To learn more about this topic, here are five ways our best dental management software can help you optimize your clinic’s processes.

1. Simplify your processes

Our best dental management software will greatly help streamline your processes. InputKit’s simplified processes include the delivery of automated surveys, which help to avoid a lot of manual work. In addition, we are also thinking about automating the demands for online reviews, strictly to satisfied patients. Getting more reviews online for your clinic has never been easier! Also, in some cases, InputKit offers dental appointment confirmation and reminders. Contact an expert from our team to learn more! Employee assessment and motivation are other processes that are greatly simplified through InputKit. These are definitely assets to consider in your dental clinic!



2. Reduce the use of paper records

Are your secretaries overwhelmed with the paperwork and follow-up? Is your reception desk overflowing with patient files? If so, our solution is for you!

With dental management software like InputKit, you can track your patients without paper. Our solution automatically records your patients’ records online. Our many integrations, like Progident and Dentitek, help centralize your patient data.

In the InputKit solution, the centralization of responses allows you to collect averages for your different performance indicators in an optimized dashboard. This way, you won’t have to manually calculate your patient satisfaction scores, or have your patient fill out paper forms!


3. Automate certain tasks to save time in this shortage of dental secretaries

In this time of labor shortage, automating your processes is crucial to allow your employees to focus on the patient experience. In this sense, implementing the best dental management software can help you automate certain tasks and save you valuable management time.

InputKit’s automated tasks are:

  • Patient satisfaction surveys sent one to two hours after treatment. Our solution will send a personalized and automated patient satisfaction questionnaire to help you assess the quality of your services with your patient.
  • Online reviews collection: an online notice request is automatically sent to your satisfied customers
  • Share positive feedback to your staff for greater motivation.
  • Confirm dental appointments and send reminders (in some cases, depending on your specific situation).
  • Cross-selling proposal based on services received.

4.  Generate more revenue

Patient satisfaction is the key success factor in your dental clinic. It will help you meet the expectations of your patient, resulting in better patient retention. In addition, this loyalty will allow you to generate recurring revenue for your business. InputKit can help your business grow. With InputKit, you’ll get a huge financial return.

What is InputKit software for your dental clinic

InputKit benefits for your dental clinic

Have trouble improving the visibility of your clinic online? Do you want to optimize your patient experience? If so, InputKit is an interesting solution for you!

Our paperless dental management software will allow you to send after treatment a patient satisfaction survey at the right time to better adapt to your patient’s needs.

Following the survey, our software will offer your satisfied patients to leave a positive review online. This will increase your visibility on search engines, as well as improve your local positioning!

In addition, our employee assessment and motivation solution also help improve your patient experience. By collecting feedback from your patient, you can get a clear picture of your dental clinic’s internal processes. This will make your employees accountable.

Do you want to motivate your staff? Share positive feedback from satisfied patients as well as their good deeds at work. Our training for the use of our best dental management software will allow you to better satisfy your team to offer a quality service to your patient. This is a must for your patient experience!

Finally, InputKit has a cross-selling feature that allows you to offer additional care to your customers following a branch visit. Interesting, isn’t it?

While improving the patient experience is a challenge in itself, InputKit is the best dental management software to help you improve the experience for your clients.

Thanks to our paperless software, you can implement simple and completely automated processes that will save you several hours of management for your patient and your staff. The efficiency of this service will greatly contribute to your patient loyalty, which will increase your annual revenue as well as the acquisition of new leads.

With InputKit, you can also send patient satisfaction surveys to better meet your patient’s expectations. The answers to these surveys can be used to motivate and empower your staff: this is an asset to improve the quality of your services!

Want to optimize processes in your clinic? Plan a free demo of our solution now!

3 Examples of Successful Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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