Dental Clinic Management : Optimize Your Patient Experience

To optimize your patients’ experience and exceed their expectations, having an optimized dental clinic management is essential! Several strategies can be put forward in your clinic to improve…


How to Handle Customer Dissatisfaction? 8 Useful Solutions

As a person working in a company that interacts with customers, it is normal for you to have their satisfaction at heart. After all, you want to offer them a quality service that meets their needs.…


How to Deliver a Successful Customer Experience? 7 Steps

Customer experience is a topic we will keep hearing about over the next few years. Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of pleasing their customers, but above all, of exceeding their…


How to Ask Customers for a Google Review (With Examples)

Google reviews play an important role in the decision-making processes of buying online, but also of buying in a physical store. During the Zero Moment of Truth period, which is the time prior to…


Beauty Salon Customer Satisfaction Survey: 7 Questions to Ask

Selecting a beauty salon is a special decision-making process, since your clients develop a very close relationship with your care experts. In this sense, to test the experience offered, some…

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How to calculate the Net Promoter Score

How can we calculate our NPS?To calculate your NPS, it comes down to asking one simple question to your customers: “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or…

(Français) Le Customer Effort Score (CES)

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