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How to Deal With the Great Resignation and Become a Better Employer?

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Since 2020, the Great Resignation has led employers to question the reasons why their employees leave their company en masse. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the need for a more flexible and safe work environment. 

Employees are now more aware of the importance of good work-life balance and workplace well-being, which has increased their expectations of their employer. Companies must therefore take these factors into account to develop a competitive employer brand and retain their talent. 

How to become a top employer during this salary increase period?

In this article, discover how to deal with the Great Resignation by adopting best practices for your employee experience!

What is the Great Resignation?

The Great Resignation is a recent phenomenon characterized by a wave of massive employee resignations around the world, especially in America. This phenomenon has been observed since the COVID-19 pandemic when many employees had to re-evaluate their priorities by working remotely. 

Many factors contribute to the Great Resignation. These include stress, burnout, work-life balance, seeking more meaningful work, as well as improving benefits and working conditions

To become an employer of choice, companies must now take these factors into account to create an attractive and competitive employee experience. This is a must-do to retain their talent and learn how to deal with the Great Resignation!

How to become a top employer during this salary increase period

7 tips to learn how to deal with the Great Resignation

As many employees consider leaving their jobs, it can be complex to know how to improve their engagement and job satisfaction. To help you, here are 7 ideas to know how to deal with the Great Resignation.

1. Listen to your employees

It’s crucial to value the opinions of your employees so that they feel valued and included at work. To achieve this goal, it’s recommended to involve them in the company’s internal decisions

During team meetings, let your colleagues speak so they can express their opinions transparently and honestly. In this way, you will create an organizational culture that will foster your employees’ commitment and sense of belonging to your organization. In addition, you will benefit from a better understanding of your future projects thanks to the perception of your various departments! Interesting, isn’t it?

By regularly asking your employees for feedback, you can also take the pulse of your teams and better understand their feelings and issues at work. Listening carefully will allow you to act proactively to create a climate of trust and support at work. This is definitely a good idea if you’re asking yourself how to deal with the Great Resignation!

2. Offer flexibility at work

As a result of the pandemic, many employees need more flexibility at work to manage their life-work balance. However, it can be complex to balance work obligations with the wishes of your employees. In that sense, how can you be flexible within your company?

Wondering how to deal with the Great Resignation? Here are 4 ways to improve your flexibility: 

  • Implement flexible work schedules according to your employees’ availability;
  • Offer the opportunity to work remotely;
  • Give flexible leave for a better work-family balance;
  • Allow your employees the opportunity to choose their own vacation periods.

Don’t forget that flexibility is more than a personalized schedule: it’s also a sign of empathy. As an employer, it means being respectful of your colleagues’ preferences. In turn, they will be more motivated to provide the best possible work to ensure the success of your business!

While respecting company policies, it’s important to be open to discussion to ensure employee well-being. Keep this in mind to learn how to deal with the Great Resignation!

How to become a top employer during this salary increase period

3. Ensure equitable compensation

If you’re wondering about how to deal with the Great Resignation, it’s more important than ever to pay your employees fairly. A study conducted by Applauz found that 71% of employees fear that their wages will not increase with inflation. This shows that fair compensation can be a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining corporate talent! 

In this vein, it’s important to offer competitive salaries that are tailored to each employee’s experience. We’re aiming for a transparent, objective compensation system based on the performance of each individual. If an employee is performing better or accomplishing more complex tasks, they should be compensated accordingly. 

How to deal with the Great Resignation? Why not take the opportunity to reward employees who excel in their roles? Bonuses for overtime, salary increases based on seniority, or promotions based on employee performance will certainly allow you to better retain your talents during this period of Great Resignation!

4. Be transparent

Employees appreciate transparency because it gives them a better understanding of the company’s vision and objectives. Did you know that according to BetterUp’s study, organizations with excellent internal communication have 12x more employees satisfied at work? This proves that by knowing where the company is going, your teams better understand why their contribution is important!

In addition, employees are more likely to remain loyal to a company that communicates openly and honestly. Such transparency will create a sense of belonging and trust, as employees will feel they are an important part of your organization. 

Moreover, by quickly communicating the problems encountered by the company, your employees can work together to find relevant solutions. This is definitely a great way to create a team spirit at work. If you’re wondering about how to deal with the Great Resignation, this might be your answer! 

5. Offer competitive working conditions

Want to know how to deal with the Great Resignation? If the answer is yes, you should know that it’s crucial to offer a competitive salary and attractive benefits. By offering working conditions adapted to the proposed positions, you will convince many talents to apply for your company.

To offer competitive benefits, it’s important to monitor employee experience trends and survey your teams regularly to determine their level of job satisfaction. This way, you can stand out from your competitors by offering your talents a unique and exceptional experience!

To attract talent, here are 12 attractive benefits you could offer:

  • A competitive and adapted salary according to the position held;
  • A flexible schedule;
  • Bonuses based on individual employee performance;
  • Many paid holidays;
  • An RRSP for employees;
  • Drug and dental insurance;
  • Life and death insurance;
  • An Employee Assistance Program (EAP);
  • Reimbursement of gym fees;
  • Paying your employee’s cellular plan;
  • In case of remote work, equipment and internet access paid by the employer;
  • And more!

To attract and retain corporate talent, it’s important to offer advantageous and competitive working conditions that will ensure their well-being and job satisfaction. By offering such benefits, you can stand out from other employers and attract talented candidates. This is a good idea if you want to know how to deal with the Great Resignation!

6. Invest in the professional development of your employees 

Did you know that training has a direct impact on employee satisfaction? According to studies shared by Sh!ft, training would have been a decisive factor for 70% of employees loyal to their company. This powerful statistic proves the importance of professional development for your teams at work! 

By helping to improve the skills of your employees, your company will be able to develop while adapting to current trends, which are two of the assets needed to remain competitive in the market. In addition, by offering your employees the opportunity to develop in their field, you will strengthen their self-esteem and valorisation at work. It’s a must to know how to deal with the Great Resignation!

To contribute to the professional development of your employees, regularly offer your teams training opportunities, such as informative evenings, webinars and online courses given by industry experts. In addition, why not allocate a small budget to help them develop skills in a related field? This will allow them to broaden their field of expertise and advance their careers!

By offering an experience focused on professional growth and valorization, you will also be able to provide high-quality service through specialized, professional and highly qualified employees. This is a must for companies that want to learn how to deal with the Great Resignation!

7. Create a healthy work environment 

Remote work has changed the way employees view working at an office. They are now used to the freedom and comfort of working remotely. With this in mind, if you want to know how to deal with the Great Resignation, you must optimize the employee experience in person.

To encourage employees to spend more time in the office, it’s essential to create a comfortable, modern and creative work environment. To achieve this, choose spacious workspaces, with beautiful natural light and plants to improve your employees’ morale. Also, provide a confined space for meetings or discussions with clients. This will prevent other employees from being disturbed and will help them focus better on the job!

On the one hand, it’s important to create authentic relationships between employees. To achieve this, organize friendly dinners for employees to get to know each other better, or even team-building activities and outings with colleagues to reinforce the team spirit of your employees. By maximizing employee engagement and creating a climate of respect and authenticity in the office, you will certainly be able to know how to deal with the Great Resignation by being a good employer!

How to deal with the Great Resignation: InputKit to become a better employer

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How to deal with the Great Resignation? Follow our 7 expert tips to position yourself as an employer of choice!

Survey your employees regularly to allow them the opportunity to express themselves authentically. Based on the information gained, create competitive working conditions, including flexibility and fair compensation for your employees. Afterwards, make sure to create a pleasant working environment through transparent communication and mutual respect between your employees. Finally, set aside a small budget to contribute to the professional development of your employees. This will maximize their job satisfaction and will certainly allow you to retain them during the Great Resignation!

Now, do you need a solution to help you improve your employee experience? If this is your case, we suggest you plan a completely free and personalized demo of InputKit at the time of your choice. Our experts will be happy to teach you how to deal with the Great Resignation!

How to Become a Top Employer in This Salary Increase Period?

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