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Everything About Customer Product Satisfaction!

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Innovation is a top priority when it comes to developing new products. Most companies want to offer a product that is different from what is available on the market, to better meet the needs of potential customers! So you need to build a unique product experience, focused on the needs of your customers. However, designing an innovative service offering that meets your customers’ expectations can be complex for those who know less about the subject.

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How can you improve your customer product satisfaction? What stakeholders will help you do this? To compete, here’s everything there is to know about customer product satisfaction, along with eight valuable tips for improving it.

What is the product experience? Definition of the product experience

The product experience is defined by the set of perceptions and emotions felt by a consumer when obtaining a product. It starts when a product is acquired and ends when it is used. For example, if you offer a web-based solution, the product experience of your users will take place from the moment the solution is tested, until the moment when users will no longer use your solution.

Several factors influence the product experience:

  • Its conviviality;
  • Its price;
  • Its simplicity of use;
  • Its lifespan;
  • Its design;
  • Its usefulness;
  • Its credibility;
  • Its unique value;
  • Its functionality;
  • And more!

Since customer product satisfaction is closely linked to the use of your products and services, it is important to keep your customers in mind when designing your product experience. Be sure to meet the current needs of your consumers by following our best practices. After all, their feelings and perceptions are valuable information for you!

Include your customers in your processes so you can better understand their needs while offering them the product experience they are looking for!


Why is customer product satisfaction important?

The majority of consumers are now in an omnichannel process, that is to say they buy their products via several platforms. In this sense, improving the product experience is a must for the success of your company.

By creating innovative services and intuitive products, you will meet the needs of your consumers. This will increase their satisfaction as well as their commitment to your brand: it is an indispensable asset to ensure the sustainability of your organization!

This pleasant experience will also generate a positive word of mouth that will help you simplify your customer acquisition. In return, it will significantly impact your sales and revenue.

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In addition, a successful product experience, combined with personalized service, will help differentiate you from your competitors. After all, this is a unique way to show your customers that they are at the center of your priorities!

Finally, good management of the product experience also benefits your employees. A brand known for the quality of its products will increase your customer product satisfaction, which will make your clients grateful to your employees. On the contrary, a company whose products are obsolete will monopolize the customer service time required to deal with complaints from dissatisfied customers. The customer success team will therefore have to spend a lot of time correcting customer dissatisfaction. Such stress could create a disengagement on the part of your staff, but also increase the turnover rate of your employees. That’s why it’s important to learn about customer product satisfaction!

Product and customer experience: two related topics

Did you know that the quality of your product experience and the optimization of your customer experience are two related topics?

The customer experience translates into all the emotions and perceptions experienced by your customers from their first contact with your company. When purchasing a product or service, these feelings are also part of the product experience. In fact, these two experiences simultaneously affect your customer product satisfaction with your organization.

By optimizing your customer experience, you offer your consumers quality service from professional and motivated employees. On the other hand, by improving your product experience, you will satisfy your customers with an efficient and easy-to-use product that meets their current needs.

Be proactive: measure your customer product satisfaction with your existing experiences to better align with their current expectations!

The different stakeholders of the product experience

Now that you know the importance of customer product satisfaction, you need to put in place concrete strategies to optimize it. However, this is not a task you can accomplish alone. The strength of your teams is to be maximized in a context of improving your customer product satisfaction.

Indeed, managing product experience requires the work of several teams. In order to create, promote and sell your products, you need to unite your staff and benefit from their expertise. Their different departments will allow you to get an overview of the current needs of your customers, but also on the strategies to adopt and the functionalities necessary for your products.

Not familiar with the different players in the product experience? To shed some light on the subject, here are four teams that can help you optimize your product experience.

3 examples of successful customer satisfaction surveys

1. The product team

The product team is responsible for designing your products, developing them, defining their features and optimizing the product experience for your users.

As responsible for the design of your products, this team of experts will ensure that your service offering meets the needs of your target clientele. Whether it’s changing the packaging of your products, optimizing a feature or even changing the design of your users’ interface (UI), they are the ones you need to talk to to improve your product experience! The establishment of such a team is not to be neglected, since it will have an expertise that will have a significant impact on your turnover and customer product satisfaction.

2. The marketing team

As branding experts, the marketing team showcases your product and engages your potential customers. Through its advertising campaigns, it will show your prospects the various benefits related to the use of your product. This is a must-have for communicating your expertise to your potential customers, but also to illustrate the various ways in which your product can suit their needs at the moment.

Don’t forget: marketing content is a must for conveying your company’s expertise about the products offered. By targeting the right customers, you’ll soon increase your sales!

3. The customer success team

As stated earlier, your customer product satisfaction is directly linked to your product experience. In this sense, it is important to involve the customer success team in your processes!

These specialized customer service employees will be able to answer your customers’ questions to better inform them about the use of your products. Thus, they will be able to ensure the satisfaction of your customers while retaining them thanks to efficient and human support!

Do you want to optimize your product experience? Feel free to offer your team relevant training related to your products and services. With these informative sessions, they will be able to offer an up-to-date service that will greatly contribute to your customer product satisfaction!

4. The sales team

The sales team is in direct contact with your customers. Indeed, it is them who make demonstrations of your products to your potential leads. Therefore, it is important that they can advise you in terms of product experience.

Meet with them regularly to hear the latest feedback from your customers on your recent sales. These comments will help you better understand your customers’ expectations. This is a golden opportunity to uncover targeted areas for improvement for your products.

Following the sale of a product by the sales team, why not offer your customers complementary products? This way, you will generate cross-sales while personalizing your product experience!

How to improve your customer product satisfaction?

8 tips for improving your customer product satisfaction

You know the benefits of an excellent product experience as well as the different actors involved. Now you are equipped to optimize your customer product satisfaction. However, where to start?

Here are eight helpful tips to help you deliver a competitive and innovative product experience for your customers.

1. Create personas to better understand your customers’ needs

Having trouble identifying the needs of your clients? If so, creating personas could greatly benefit your product experience management.

A persona is a semi-fictional representation of your target clientele. It is the result of research gathering biographical, demographic, behavioral and psychological information that describes your ideal clients. This data can be accumulated via your customer satisfaction questionnaires, focus groups, or even phone interviews with your leads!

When designing a persona sheet, you must write:

  • The motive that drives him to buy your product;
  • Its needs and expectations towards your product;
  • Its information needs regarding the use of the product;
  • Its pains;
  • Its demographic data to better visualize your ideal customer.

Afterwards, you can segment your personas to create products according to their different needs. This is a great strategy to better understand your customers and provide them with an experience that will meet their expectations. This will greatly increase your customer satisfaction and retention!

2. Develop products based on the needs of your personas

The goal of your business is to meet the expectations of your customers. However, how can you achieve this when designing your product experience?

The solution is simple: use your personas to better understand your customers’ expectations. This way, you will be able to develop products based on real needs that will meet the demand of your consumers. It’s a must to improve your customer product satisfaction!

For example, if your persona is in Business to Business (B2B), they will need a solution to maintain their company’s good reputation. To this end, the desired product will be a solution that will generate more positive reviews and that will allow it to be notified automatically in case of customer dissatisfaction in order to quickly correct the course. As a result of this study, you will agree that InputKit’s Google review enhancement solution can meet the current needs of such a person.

Never forget that your service offer exists to meet the concrete needs of your clientele. Create personas to build a culture of customer product satisfaction that will positively impact your product experience!

3. Define the unique value proposition of your products and innovate to compete

With the proliferation of online shopping platforms, it is increasingly difficult to attract consumers’ attention. The competition is fierce: how can you distinguish yourself from your competitors in order to show your expertise to your potential customers?

Define the unique value of your products to compete. To achieve this, study the problems of your ideal clientele, then propose a solution that surpasses that of rival companies.

Do your customers need a floor installation in less than 24 hours? Promote the speed of your services! You specialize in electronic gadgets? Put forward the fast connection as well as the multiple features of your latest technologies! This is also a great opportunity to improve your customers’ product satisfaction!

Once your unique value is set, be sure to communicate it through your advertising campaigns. This way, you can improve your brand image while attracting the attention of your prospects. This is a tremendous asset to gain a competitive advantage!

4. Consistently assess customer product satisfaction through customer satisfaction surveys

Of course, every human being has different needs. This is why it is important to regularly send customer satisfaction surveys to find out your customers’ honest opinion of your products.

By conducting a customer satisfaction survey, you will get valuable feedback that will allow you to better assess your customers’ needs. Then, you can adapt your products and services based on the feedback received to optimize your product experience. As a result, your customers will find that their answers are listened to and considered: they will feel privileged to be at the center of your priorities. This will greatly increase your customer product satisfaction!

To help you create a product experience satisfaction survey, here are a few examples of questions to ask after a customer acquires a product:

  • In your opinion, is the quality/price ratio of our product suitable?
  • Is the design of our product user-friendly?
  • Do the features of our product meet your needs?
  • Is the product easy to use?
  • In your opinion, is the product safe when used?
  • A question for the Net Promoter Score (NPS): On a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you recommend this product to a colleague or relative?
  • A question for the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with this product?
  • A question for the Customer Effort Score (CES): On a scale of 1 to 10, how much effort are you estimating when using the product?
  • An open-ended question: Do you have any comments or advice for us to improve our product?

5. Prioritize product improvements based on your customers’ needs

When it comes to product experience, the quality of your products and services is a key factor in the success of your business. In this sense, it is crucial to ensure that they are appropriate to the current needs of your clientele.

Following the delivery of customer satisfaction surveys, review your clients’ responses to better assess and understand their expectations of your organization. Prioritize the improvement and optimization of your products by communicating with your teams some outdated features or design changes. This way, you will be able to improve your product experience so that it meets the concrete needs of your customers!

This customer product satisfaction follow-up will greatly increase your customer loyalty. By offering your customers products and services perfectly adapted to their needs, they will feel pampered and will not hesitate to recommend you to their entourage!

6. Empower your prospects with online reviews

Do you want to inform your prospects about the quality of your products? If this is the case, the InputKit online review solution offers a widget, a tool that allows you to display on your website your most recent positive reviews online. Interesting, isn’t it?

This feedback from satisfied customers can attest to the relevance of your products at a glance. This will improve your brand image and your e-reputation, resulting in greater customer acquisition.

In addition to increasing your visibility, this feature will inform your prospects of the features of your products. This way, they will have realistic expectations about your service offer.

An informed customer with clear expectations will be more satisfied with your products and services. In this sense, the online review widget is an asset for your customer product satisfaction!


7. Implement focus groups

One of the most important aspects of market research is to gather the opinions of your potential customers. To that end, why not invite your leads or even a sample of your clients to participate in a focus group?

Set up meetings with your focus groups and give them demonstrations of your products. Then, invite them to share their comments and suggestions to better understand their buying behavior as well as their perception of your product. This could even generate new ideas for products and services related to your field of expertise!

This feedback, in combination with your written surveys, will help you identify the needs of your customers and leads. You will get rich information by combining verbal and written feedback. They will help you design the perfect product experience to increase your customer product satisfaction!

8. Update on industry trends to better adapt

The product experience, like the customer experience, is subject to market trends. In this sense, it is critically important to review current standards to ensure that you are not providing an outdated experience for your clients.

Let’s take a concrete example of a company that was not able to update itself on market trends: the bankruptcy of Blockbuster against Netflix. Reluctant to turn to the streaming and online platforms industry, Blockbuster lost more than a billion dollars before having to declare bankruptcy in 2010. In the same year, Netflix invested in its own online series, available via a monthly subscription. Of course, we know the winner of this competition: Netflix, who welcomed change with open arms and showed innovation!

To avoid such a disaster, take training and keep an eye on the media to keep up-to-date on new trends. Conduct regular market research to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In this way, you can offer your customers an innovative and original experience that will encourage them to return to your company.

How can InputKit help you improve your customer product satisfaction?

Do you have difficulty assessing your customers’ product satisfaction? Do you want to increase your annual sales? If so, the InputKit solution is for you!

Our solution offers fully automated and customized customer product satisfaction surveys that will give you valuable feedback on your product experience. With a response rate of 49% by email and 57% by text, you will be assured of the quality of your services.

An example is the installation of a swimming pool. One to two hours after installation, your customers will be able to evaluate the service of your installation team as well as the quality of your product, here identified as the pool. This is a fast and efficient way to optimize your product and customer experience. Then, a few weeks after installation, it is possible to perform reminders to confirm that satisfaction, after use, is always optimized.

In addition, our solution specifically targets satisfied customers. To this end, following a satisfaction survey, you can automatically invite your customers to leave a positive review online, in addition to offering them additional products or services. It’s a great way to cross-sell while personalizing your experience.

Finally, our online review widget will allow you to display feedback from satisfied customers on your website’s home page. This way, you can assure your prospects of your expertise while informing them about your offer of products and services!

While optimizing your customer product satisfaction can be complex, follow our best practices to provide your customers with an innovative and competitive product that will meet their expectations.

As a leader, clearly communicate your vision to your product team, marketing team, customer success team and sales team for maximum success in designing your product experience. Then create personas to help you better assess your customers’ real needs.

After the development of your product, regularly send customer satisfaction surveys and meet with your focus groups to prioritize the improvement of your products. Determine an added value to your products to face the competition, then innovate by following the new trends and training related to your field of expertise. Finally, put your positive reviews on your home page with a solution like InputKit to inform your prospects about the effectiveness of your products.

Now that you know everything about customer product satisfaction, it’s time to adapt your experience to your customers’ needs. We invite you to plan a free demo of our solution to benefit from our fully automated customer satisfaction questionnaires and advice from our subject matter experts.

3 Examples of Successful Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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